Backstage Pass with Monty Roberts follows Monty’s tour around the UK, as he works with a range of different horses and faces a number of equine challenges.


Problems include a pony that won’t let anyone touch his feet, a show horse who suffers from nerves and a cob that won’t stand still to be mounted.

Watching Monty work his magic on these horses is both fascinating and inspirational – making this series ‘must see’ TV. There are seven seasons in total to watch, which should keep you entertained for a week or two!

True partnership

Monty Roberts is the most famous horse trainer in the world. Known as the ‘man who listens to horses’, he created the revolutionary equine training technique called join-up, which has helped thousands of ‘problem’ horses and troubled owners, all around the world.

Monty first learned to listen to horses while watching wild mustangs in Nevada as a teenager. He observed the horses used very clear body language to communicate with each other.

He soon realised this silent language would enable effective training and encourage a true partnership between horses and humans. It is this partnership Monty calls join-up.

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