In the exclusive clip from Rudall Rides with Harry Meade, the event rider tells Jenny the incredible story of when he made the decision to compete at Badminton after breaking both his arms.

Against the odds

Doctors gave him just a 10% chance of riding again, but against all odds Harry went on to come third at the four-star horse trials.

“I wasn’t able to get on, so I was clumsily hoisted on in my braces, and I had a walk,” says Harry, of the first time he got back on a horse.

“I was so limited in what I could do off horses, but it actually felt alright. So the next day I went up the gallops and had a canter, still in my braces.”

Rudall Rides With…

Harry is the latest special guest on H&C’s popular series Rudall Rides With… where he talks frankly about his horses, family and the highs and lows of his sport.

Rudall Rides with Harry Meade premieres on H&C on 14 October at 8pm on Sky 253, or you can watch online via H&C Play or Amazon Video.